Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Ordered List

  1. The aim is to strive towards enhancing the working environment and streamlining the process of contributing towards the goals set by the Association.
  2. The Association will undertake actions that it deems necessary to advance the interests of private universities, institutes that confer degrees, research and educational centers, colleges, and schools.
  3. The goal is to ensure that the Association is well-represented in various governmental bodies such as the Federal and Provincial Government, City Government, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, and Higher Education Commission.
  4. The Association will be open to receiving grants, donations, gifts, and bequests from different categories of members, as well as from various non-governmental organizations, the Federal and Provincial Governments of Pakistan, and other countries around the world.
  5. The Association will enter into Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and become a member of organizations such as the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, and similar organizations in other countries around the world.
  6. The objectives include offering full scholarships to students, faculty, and management pursuing higher education, providing financial aid to those in need among students, faculty, and management, and using the Association platform to help students and teachers who wish to study in Pakistan or overseas. Additionally, the Association will facilitate these individuals by arranging for their air tickets, accommodation, boarding and lodging, dry-cleaning, and internet access, and providing pocket money for those who wish to study abroad.
  7. The Managing Committee will have the authority to establish regulations and statutes as needed to further the objectives of the Association.
  8. The Association will set up and manage an information bureau, publish various forms of literature such as journals, newspapers, books, pamphlets, leaflets, directories, etc., and create and maintain a library and reading rooms to promote the objectives of the Association.
  9. The Association will organize educational events such as international exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, workshops, conferences, and video conferences both in Pakistan and abroad to advance education.
  10. All revenue generated by the Association will be utilized exclusively to further the objectives outlined in this Memorandum of Association. None of it will be paid or transferred to the Founder Members or any category of members or their relatives, either directly or indirectly, in the form of dividends, bonuses, or otherwise.
  11. The Association will aid its members in signing agreements such as Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with local and international universities, research centers, institutes, colleges, and schools.
  12. The objectives are to encourage collaboration in research and development and conduct lectures, seminars, and symposiums on emerging fields beneficial to students and faculty of universities. Additionally, the Association will organize social, cultural, and scientific events such as congresses and conferences and facilitate the sharing of educational resources like laboratories, libraries, workshops, learning materials, and video conferencing. The Association will also work towards developing dual-degree programs and promoting other forms of academic cooperation as agreed upon by all parties.
  13. The Association plans to establish a joint education council by arranging meetings with three specific countries.
  14. The Association will assist its members in recognizing potential opportunities for educational collaboration in unexplored domains.
  15. The Association will aid its members in recognizing fresh domains that may present opportunities for joint ventures.
  16. The Association will assist its members in obtaining marketing access to countries of interest.
  17. The Association will act as an advisory body for its members.